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Glen Alps
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Glen Alps
Sun Valley Sun

The Founders Portfolio Glen Alps History of Perspective IV
Michelle Angels Danced at the Ritz My Broken Heart
A Wink & a Dimpled Double Chin Three Leaves The Shell Game
Boy with Bird Two Eves Sampler
Martin Luther King Isitsoulornot Print 84
Gordon and Vivian Flying Fishy Rumors Black Lace Dress
Print Arts Northwest Founder's Portfolio

Founder's Portfolio - Limited Edition Collection
Available for a Contribution of $5000
to Print Arts Northwest

Artists and Images Included:

  • Glen Alps
    Sun Valley Sun - collagraph
  • Pat Austin
    History of Perspective IV - etching
  • Don Bunse
    Michelle - etching
  • Lee Chesney
    Angels Danced at the Ritz - etching
  • Robert Evermon
    My Broken Heart - lithograph
  • Gordon Gilkey
    A Wink & a Dimpled Double Chin - woodcut
  • Jim Hibbard
    Three Leaves - linocut
  • Jo Hockenhull
    The Shell Game - serigraph
  • Manuel Izquierdo
    Boy with Bird - woodcut
  • George Johanson
    Two Eves - etching
  • Liza Jones
    Sampler - intaglio
  • Laverne Krause
    Martin Luther King - aquatint
  • Lyle Matoush
    Isitsoulornot - lithograph
  • James Mattingly
    Print 84 - color etching
  • Jack McLarty
    Gordon and Vivian - woodcut
  • Fran Noel
    Flying Fishy Rumors - lithograph
  • John Rock
    Black Lace Dress - etching

About the Founder's Portfolio

The Founder's Portfolio is a collection of seventeen original hand pulled prints by the Founding Members and included Charter Members of the NWPC. Available for purchase and in a range of media and printmaking techniques, this historic document includes significant premier printmakers of the region. Among those included is perhaps the best known of the Founding Members, Dr. Gordon Gilkey.

As a young man in World War II, Gordon Gilkey was commissioned to recover and restore to their rightful owners the many works of art pilfered and hidden by the Third Reich. In honor of this work, he was promoted to the rank of Officer in the French Legion of Honor. First MFA graduate in printmaking at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Gilkey was also the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Oregon State University. After a long and distinguished career at the OSU he moved to Portland, Oregon to teach printmaking at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), and\ to share his knowledge and passion for prints. Upon his retirement, Dr. Gilkey established the Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for the Graphic Arts at the Portland Art Museum. Dr. Gilkey's influence in the world of art and printmaking cannot be overstated. He was an active member of the Board of Directors of the NWPC until his death in 2000.