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Willamette Valley - Peach Orchard
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Willamette Valley - Peach Orchard
Reductive Linocut

Willamette Valley - Peach Orchard Skunk Cabbage Farmers Market
Connie Mueller

Artist Statement for Connie Mueller


I began printmaking after taking a course at Lane Community College from Kacey Joyce in 1999. With the help and encouragement of my artist-friend, Jon Cruson, I have worked with different themes over the past 8 years, beginning with landscape ideas from Italy, using photos and sketches to work up compositions.  In 2000 and 2001 we took trips to the Santa Fe area in New Mexico, and I used photos taken of the churches we sought out on those trips for image ideas.  The past few years I have enjoyed working with images taken around Oregon, and plan to keep working with that theme.

The process of linoleum cut reduction printmaking holds a fascination and challenge for me that I enjoy immensely.  A single linoleum block is used for each print.  I draw the composition in reverse on the block with a permanent marking pen, and then ink the block using a brayer with my first color.  A piece of printing paper is placed on the block and then run through the press.  I complete this process with at least 12 pieces of paper, inking the block each time.  I cut away the areas in the block needed to keep this first color on my print. After the ink has dried on the first color of the edition (usually at least 24 hours), I repeat the process with the next color that I want to use.  On some prints this process is done over 20 times.  This style of printmaking is often called suicide printmaking because once you have cut an area away from the block, the print cannot be changed in that area.  My husband mats and frames my work for me, making the frames from scratch, and his help makes it easier for me to concentrate on printmaking.

Printmaking these past 8 years has been wonderfully enriching for me and I feel very fortunate to have the time and freedom to pursue this creative endeavor.


Artist Resume for Connie Mueller    


Exhibitions    June 1999-Group print show at Lane Community College, Eugene

January 2000-Group print show at Provenance Gallery, Eugene, OR

May 2000-Student show at Lane Community College,  Eugene, OR               

November-December 2000-Group print show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

January 2001-Single artist show at Navarro’s in Eugene, OR

April 2001-Juried Student Art Exhibition at Lane Community College, Eugene, OR  (Second place award)

May 2001-Group print show at Island Park Gallery, Springfield, OR

July 2001-New Artist member show at Northwest Print Council, Portland, OR

July 2001-Single artist show at Tableau, Seattle, WA

November-December 2001-Group print show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

September 2002-Group print show at Springfield Museum, Springfield, OR

November-December 2002-Group print show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

February 2003-Juried show for Food for Lane County at White Lotus, Eugene, OR

March 2003-Juried show for OSU Art in Agriculture exhibition-received purchase award

March-April 2003-Single artist show at PRN at Sacred Heart Hospital , Eugene, OR

June-August 2003-Single artist show at Lane County Blood Bank, Eugene, OR

November-December 2003-Group show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

March-April 2004-Celebration of Women exhibit at White Lotus

May 11-June 19 2004-Five Women Works, on Paper at the Springfield Museum

December 2004-January 2005-Group show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

April 12-May 7 2005-Single artist show at the Springfield Museum

June 18-July 30 2005- Group show at White Lotus Gallery,

Eugene, OR

October 20-December 2, 2005-This Everlasting Valley:

Willamette Basin Farms-Jacobs Gallery

October 2005-January 2006-Show at Jacobs Off Site Gallery with Sculptures by Dale Mueller

December 2005-January 2006-Group Show at LaFollette Gallery, Eugene, OR

April 2006-Two person show at Print Arts Northwest, Portland, OR

September 2006-Group show at White Lotus Gallery, Eugene, OR

November 2006-National Juried Print Exhibition through PAN Gallery at PNCA , Portland, OR

November 2006-December 2006 –Group print show at Print Arts Northwest, Portland, OR

December 2006-January 2007-Show with other gallery artists at White Lotus Gallery, Eugene, OR

  January 22-March 2007- 22nd Annual International Exhibition Juried Show at the University Of Texas at Tyler, TX

  March-April 2007-Show at the Tate Building with sculptures by Dale Mueller, Eugene, OR

  April 2007-Juried show for Art About Agriculture, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

  November-December 2007-Single artist show at White Lotus Gallery Eugene, Oregon

  Represented by White Lotus Gallery, Eugene, OR

  Represented by Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem, OR

  Represented by Salem Bush Barn Gallery, Salem, OR

  Represented by Print Arts Northwest, Portland, OR